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Advance Life Support (ALS)

Advance Life Support vehicles are staffed with a minimum of one EMT Specialist and one Paramedic in Wayne County, and two Paramedics in Oakland County.

Standard equipment includes:

  • LifePak 12 monitor/defibrillators with pacing
  • Complete intubation kit
  • Intravenous fluids
  • Drug box

Basic Life Support (BLS)

Basic Life Support units are staffed with two Emergency Medical Technicians. These units are utilized for the majority of routine, non–emergent transports, however, they can provide Basic Life Support in emergency situations. A BLS unit can also convey transfer patients with non–monitored IV's.

Each unit is equipped with:

  • Automatic Eternal Defibrillators (AED's)
  • Oxygen
  • Combitube airways and Epi–pens.

Bariatric Transportation

stretcher on lift

Obesity is one of today's most neglected health problems. The bariatric patient who requires transportation poses a challenge to both caregivers and EMS personnel. Sensitive to this need Concord EMS deploys three Bariatric Special Transportations Units to accomplish the special care of bariatric patients.

The flagship of our fleet, largest and most in-demand unit of our bariatric fleet is equipped with a special designed Stryker Bariatric stretcher. Its 25–inch wide-body-surface mattress has an overall width of 29 inches, removable push and additional side rails for lifting capabilities supporting 1600 lbs.

Careful consideration has gone into the development and outfitting of this vehicle.

  • One-ton Ford chassis Horton built unit
  • Custom designed Mac hydraulic lift
  • Modified suspension and shocks

A team of specially trained, state licensed paramedics and EMT s, who have undergone specific training in the care and safe transfer of bariatric patients. Accompanied by a team leader, trained in the operations of the customized unit and equipment.

Dialysis Patients

Concord EMS offers transportation for patients on Dialysis to all major dialysis centers. These patients are pre–screened for appropriate level of transportation.

When scheduling a new dialysis patient, you will need to take the following steps:

  • Call our billing specialist at (313) 386-0088 and supply us with some basic information
  • Meet with a Concord EMS evaluation specialist at the facility and complete pre–screening paper work
  • Completed CMN (Certificate of Medical Necessity) signed by physician and paid by patient's insurance, for those patients requiring an ambulance

For non–emergency patients a wheelchair van will be utilized. Wheelchair transportation is not a covered benefit for most insurance. More information about payment responsibility can be found in the billing section of our website or call (313) 386-0088.

Upon completion of the pre–screening evaluation, dispatch will be advised of the proper mode of transportation required for the patient. These evaluations and a new CMN with physician signature must be completed every 60 days are required by Medicare.

Please advise the Dispatch of any changes in the patient's conditions regarding transportation as soon as possible.

Critical Care

CCT Vehicles Our Advanced Life Support (Critical Care Units) are staffed with one paramedic and a specially trained CCT Paramedic and are trained in ACLS. All equipment on board is modern, state–of–the–art technology and is under strict maintenance agreement for assured reliability. Our full time in–house mechanic maintains strict vehicle maintenance logs on all vehicles, ensuring safe operation and performance. The vehicles are housed indoors at our main facility, which provides longer service life and protection from the elements.

LifePak Monitor

Monitors All ALS units carry Zoll® or LifePak 12® defibrillators/monitors. With extensive data storage, transmission and retrieval capabilities, this leading edge technology offers ADPTIV biphasic or monophasic defibrillation waveforms, with AED manual defib modes. Noninvasive pacing provides fast and effect therapy. 12SLECG analysis program offers accuracy with simultaneous acquisition, analysis and interpretations of a 12–lead ECG. C–LOCK ECG synchronization allows for timing pulse oximetry with ECG signal. EtCO2 monitoring is available for us on intubated and non-intubated patients. Oscillometeric noninvasive blood pressure monitoring as well as automatic measurement of vital sign assessment at appropriate intervals are also LifePak 12® features.

Infusion Pumps

Infusion Pumps Each ALS units carries either three MTP pumps or one MedSystem Three pump. MTP pumps incorporate the latest available micro–electronics. Compact and lightweight, the MTP pumps offer more performance characteristics than larger heavier IV pumps. MTP pumps delver IV solutions and blood flow rates ranging from. 1ml to, and preset volume from 1 to 999ml while reporting the volume delivered to 9999ml. Any interruption or change is delivery is indicated by both LED display and audible alarms. They operate on both AC and battery power. The Med System III pump has three independent infusion channels with six available device types with configurable parameters–maximum and minimum rates, max volumes, baseline and max pressures, and air–in–line thresholds. It delivers 0.1–ml/channel, and has a six–hour battery capacity with all three channels operation at 12ml/hr.


Ventilators used on board the ALS /MICUunits are Draeger Oxylog 2000 Emergency Ventilators. The Oxylog® is timed cycle, volume constant transport the emergency vent for patients with tidal volumes g at 100ml. available ventilation modes included controlled mandatory ventilations with variable I:E ration and switch–selectable o concentration of 100 or approximately 60% by volume. Assisted/Control ventilation, synchronized Intermittent Mandatory, and spontaneous breathing with continues positive airway pressure (CPAP). Patient monitoring includes airway pressure PAW, and expiratory minute ventilation.

Non-Emergency Wheelchair Van

NEV Our vans do not carry medical equipment; however all van drivers are certified in CPR. They are equipped with a wheelchair, ADA approved wheelchair lifts and securing hardware. Each van is capable of carrying wheelchair patients, attendants or ambulatory patients. Concord EMS also offers the ability to captivate van service at a daily rate. These vans can be privately labeled with the facilities logo or information.

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